And all that (Pakistani) jazz ...

This Kat has been busily keeping pace with the numerous copyright judgments handed down by the English courts in recent days and she has learnt an awful lot about the finer points of Star Wars helmets, media monitoring services and blocking illegal file sharing websites. This post comes then by way of some lighter relief.

Readers will no doubt be familiar with 'Take Five', a jazz piece written by Paul Desmond and performed by The Dave Brubeck Quartet on their 1959 album Time Out. It has been included in a number of movie and television soundtracks, and even today, some 52 years later, is still played on the radio. Upon his death in 1977, Desmond left the royalty rights to the American Red Cross.

Readers will no doubt be less familiar with classical music in Pakistan. The Pakistani movie industry all but died and the fate of classical music went into rapid decline. Until now. The Sachal Studios Orchestra in Lahore is making a comeback. Their first jazz album Sachal Jazz was released recently and the group's interpretation of 'Take Five' has received considerable attention. Indeed Dave Brubeck, original performer of 'Take Five', described The Sachal Studios Orchestra interpretation as 'the most interesting recording of it he has ever heard'.

The IPKat thinks that, so long as appropriate permissions have been obtained and the necessary attributions made, adaptations such as this one can only be a good thing for the creative process.

Merpel wonders what interpretation the Sachal Studios Orchestra might put on some Lady Gaga tunes ...

'Take Five', Dave Brubek style, below

The Sachal Studios Orchestra's interpretation, below


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