From the Inbox: 24 Hours to Stop Shell from drilling in the Arctic


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We have just 24 hours to send in comments!

Tell Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to protect one of our nation’s greatest natural treasures and urge him to stop Shell's plans for new wells in the Arctic!

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The Department of the Interior will be deciding the fate of America’s Arctic Ocean this summer and we have just 24 hours to help them make the right choice.

Shell Oil has put together the most aggressive drilling plan yet in the Arctic Ocean -- beginning as soon as next summer and calling for ten exploratory wells. But they can’t start drilling until the current public comment period ends and Secretary Salazar approves their plan.

That’s why Greenpeace is joining with a coalition of groups to collect comments to Interior Secretary Salazar before the deadline.

Shell’s plans have already been put on hold once thanks to the actions of people like you Now we need to do it again. Don’t wait, every comment counts...

Tell Secretary Salazar that the Arctic Ocean cannot afford an oil spill. Submit a public comment today and urge him to protect the Arctic Ocean by stopping Shell’s dangerous plan.

We will be overnight shipping all of your comments to the Department of the Interior office in Anchorage, Alaska.

America’s Arctic Ocean is one of our nation’s greatest natural treasures -- a vast, pristine place at the top of the world that polar bears, whales, walrus, seals and Alaska Native communities all call home.

One single oil spill could completely destroy this fragile ecosystem forever.

Shell’s plans for cleaning up a spill in a region characterized by extreme cold, extended periods of darkness, hurricane-strength storms and pervasive fog include glorified mops and buckets. It’s laughable. The simple truth is that the technology doesn’t exist to “clean” up an oil spill in the Arctic.

We need to learn from BP’s disaster in the Gulf of Mexico last year and not allow Shell to drill in the Arctic Ocean. As of now the only plan they have is to drill first and ask questions later.

We don’t have much time. Please submit a comment today and save the Arctic Ocean.

For the Arctic Ocean,

Melanie Duchin
Melanie Duchin
Greenpeace Arctic Campaigner

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