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Dear Supporter,

The Fisk and Crawford coal plants, owned by Midwest Generation, are located right in the heart of Chicago. Combined these two ancient plants have been spewing pollution directly into the Windy City's bustling neighborhoods for over 150 years.

"Every class I teach has four to seven students who suffer from horrifying respiratory illness,” says Chicago public school teacher Gloria Fallon. "I can no longer sit back and watch my students and my community being sacrificed for dirty coal."

The asthma hospitalization rate in Chicago is nearly double the U.S. national average. In some neighborhoods, over 25% of the children under twelve suffer from asthma.

Midwest Generation must be stopped.

Tell Bank of America, Citi, and Chase to pull funding from Midwest Generation, so these coal plants will finally be shut down.

Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) and the Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization (PERRO) have been working for many years to demand that Midwest Generation stop poisoning their communities with 45,000 tons of pollution every year. Join them.

Stand with LVEJO and PERRO for environmental justice. Wake up the financial institutions that fuel U.S. polluters today.

Air pollution from Fisk and Crawford causes more than 40 deaths, 66 heart attacks and 720 asthma attacks every year. Big banks enable devastating coal projects like these to continue hurting communities in Chicago and all across the United States.

Enough is enough. Americans deserve clean air and healthy communities. It's time for U.S. financial institutions to take responsibility for their actions, pull financing from dirty fossil fuel projects and start banking on clean, sustainable energy.

Demand that Bank of America, Citi, and Chase support clean energy projects instead of dirty, deadly ones.


For a clean energy future,

Amanda Starbuck
Energy & Finance Program Director
"Twitter: @DirtyEnergy

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