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Big Business is trying to unravel environmental protections!
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Dear Supporter,

There is an environmental disaster brewing in Washington, D.C.

The 2010 election contributions made by Big Business have won them a spending bill for U.S. environmental agencies that is packed with “riders” gutting protections for air, water, public lands, and wildlife.

If this bill—proposed by the House Appropriations Committee—passes into law, it will allow polluting industries to reap private profits at the expense of our health and natural heritage.

Please help defeat this attack and defend strong environmental protections by making an emergency contribution today.

Joan Mulhern, Earthjustice’s senior legislative counsel in D.C., put it this way in a statement that we released to the press:

“Washington, D.C. has never seen such an environmental disaster as the one that is happening in the House Appropriations Committee. Our elected officials are sacrificing regulations that will save lives, protect our drinking water, clean our air and save our mountains and species.

It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s at play. The campaign donations made by big polluters are finally starting to pay off. The industries that would have finally cleaned up their pollution are getting a hall pass from their cronies in Congress.

It’s a sad day for the millions of Americans who will continue to suffer exposure to pollution in their air and water, or to the iconic places and special species that we have tried to protect.”

Joan is right. But the battle isn’t over—far from it. With your support, Earthjustice will fight to defeat or weaken this bill and counter the attacks that are sure to follow.

Take a stand with us against the damaging influence of Big Business by making an urgent donation today.

Earthjustice has defended against attacks like this before—and won. But the scope of this latest assault is simply stunning. We will need you by our side.

Please, take a stand with us today.

Thank you for all that you do.


Trip Van Noppen Trip Van Noppen

Trip Van Noppen
President, Earthjustice

P.S. Decades of environmental progress are at stake. The coal, oil, and other polluting industries will spare no expense to dodge or dismantle our nation’s environmental protections. Please donate today to help us counter their influence.

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