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Dear Friend of the National Parks,

Last week, the House Appropriations Committee chose mining interests over national park visitors and in doing so, they put one of our most beloved national parks in harm’s way.

The committee passed a funding bill with several destructive policy riders, including one that would prevent the Interior Department from prohibiting uranium mining around the Grand Canyon, putting one of our greatest national treasures and the water flowing through it at risk. Teddy Roosevelt would be outraged and, if we let this happen, so will future generations!

We must act fast to make sure this language does not become the law of the land, and we need your help. The bill as it stands is bad for the environment and bad for our national parks.

With the bill heading to the House floor for a vote as soon as next week, we can’t waste any time. You can help us stop this legislation. Please donate today.

Your donation will help NPCA generate more support to fight this damaging legislation. We will personally visit lawmakers to educate them about the dangers uranium mining imposes on the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River, and the impact of other harmful policy provisions in the bill.

We will work with congressional champions to secure an amendment stripping the Grand Canyon provision from the bill, organize constituent letters and calls to Congress opposing this provision and the entire bill, and hold representatives accountable for their votes on this and other harmful provisions. And we will get the word out to the American public through targeted press outlets and our social media network.

It might seem backwards for NPCA to rail against a bill that funds national parks, but we cannot support this version of the Interior Appropriations bill, not when it has so many dangerous policy reversals that will harm our national parks.

When it comes to threats to our national parks, NPCA knows how to fight back. Our record of success shows we get the job done on Capitol Hill and with thousands of national park supporters behind us, we can protect the Grand Canyon and our other national parks.

Together, we can fight these latest threats, and show Congress and the administration that we won’t back down when it comes to protecting our national parks. Please donate to NPCA today.

Thanks for standing with us,

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Thomas C. Kiernan


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