From the Inbox: Snowmobiles in Yellowstone Not a Great Idea

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Dear Supporter,

Winter in America's first national park is a wonderland where lodgepole forests meet rushing rivers and deep valleys and the sounds of geysers gurgling, mud pots bubbling, and wolves howling fill the air.

Yellowstone's incomparable magic continues to symbolize the wisdom of conserving national parks for each new generation in our ever-more-crowded world.

Over the past ten years, NPCA, our conservation partners and dedicated citizens like you have made enormous progress in our quest to secure the best possible protection for Yellowstone National Park. Together we've built support for Yellowstone's lower-impact snowcoach transportation system, which continues to grow in popularity each year; significantly ushered out the noisiest and most-polluting forms of winter access; and moderated disruption to wintering wildlife. We're getting somewhere and you have helped!

Now, the National Park Service (NPS) has proposed its latest plan for managing Yellowstone in the winter.

However, NPS is proposing to continue recreational snowmobile use in Yellowstone National Park despite disclosing in a new, major study that the significantly larger amount of traffic involved would be worse for Yellowstone's wildlife, air quality, and unique soundscape than other transportation alternatives.

Take Action: Urge the National Park Service to adopt a final management plan that best protects Yellowstone's wildlife, soundscape, and winter wonders.

At NPCA, we have been working for decades to protect Yellowstone, America's--and the world's--first national park, for future generations. Thank you for continuing to stand with us on this important journey.



Patricia Dowd
Yellowstone Program Manager

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