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July 30, 2011

Urgent: Tell your representative to remove a toxic polluter giveaway from a spending bill

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The House of Representatives is currently debating the funding bill for the Environmental Protection Agency and other environmental agencies for fiscal year 2012. In its present form, the bill would cause unprecedented damage to the environment and public health, not only through funding cuts but also via policy provisions that would prevent the government from safeguarding the public. These policy "riders" would not save the government one cent, but they would block protections for health, clean air and water, lands and wildlife.

One especially egregious rider would allow utilities and other polluters to continue spewing mercury, smog, soot and other toxic air pollution at current rates. The EPA intends to enact standards to reduce this pollution, which would save tens of thousands of lives and help reduce children's exposure to mercury, a dangerous brain poison that especially affects developing fetuses, infants and toddlers. But the rider would prevent the EPA from acting.

Some members of Congress are standing up to this polluter-driven agenda. Rep. Capps (D-CA) has introduced an amendment to remove the polluter giveaway rider and allow the EPA to do its job to protect us from mercury and other toxic air pollution.

The House could vote on the Capps amendment as soon as tomorrow.

What to do
Send a message right away urging your representative to vote Yes for the Capps amendment to the Interior/EPA appropriations bill (H.R. 2584) and allow the EPA to protect us from dangerous power plant pollution.

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