Water boarding

So what's this water boarding caper that gets the yanks all in a twist?

See for yourself here...


The journalist reckons he can last 15 seconds.

Don't be put off by the Playboy journo tag.  This is an excellent video to show you how harmless the technique is and why it gets results.

I recall discussing this with a relative of mine some time back.  She was outraged about torturing people.  I posed the following to her.  Image if a paedophile kidnaps her son. After three weeks Police catch him.  There is no sign of her son.  Police have the man in custody but he is refusing to talk.

What is she be prepared to do to find out where her son is?  She paused, then looked at me and said, "Whatever it takes."

If water boarding the enemy can save lives, who are we to say it is an outrage and should not be used in our 'civilised' society?

Soldiers are somebody's son.


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