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Help Earthjustice fight against reckless drilling in the Arctic before we are left with an irreversible disaster.
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The Arctic’s Beaufort Sea is plagued with high seas, shrieking winds, darkness, sea ice, and minimal visibility. Yet, the Obama administration just approved aggressive offshore drilling in these harsh waters—before doing a full environmental review, and without requiring reliable safety equipment or an approved oil spill response plan.

Please make an emergency donation today to help Earthjustice fight this reckless offshore drilling in our Arctic waters.

The Beaufort Sea is dangerous, but it is also home to endangered bowhead and beluga whales, seals, polar bears and other wildlife.

This is clearly a disaster waiting to happen, but Big Oil will move forward with this irresponsible drilling unless we act now.

Earthjustice's legal experts are working tirelessly to fight back, but Big Oil is a powerful opponent. Donate now to support our emergency efforts today.

With your support, Earthjustice will fight to...

  • Stop the Bureau of Ocean Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOEMRE) from accepting Big Oil’s empty promises and inflated assurances regarding cleanup readiness in the Arctic
  • Force the development of oil spill response plans that take realistic worst-case scenarios into consideration given the region’s harsh conditions
  • Require full environmental impact statements to analyze and understand the effects of Arctic drilling to make informed management decisions

We need your help to stop irresponsible drilling. Donate now to support Earthjustice’s critical work before reckless drilling causes another disaster off America’s coasts.

From all of us at Earthjustice, thank you for supporting our efforts to protect Arctic waters and wildlife.


Trip Van Noppen Trip Van Noppen

Trip Van Noppen

President, Earthjustice

P.S. Help Earthjustice fight against reckless drilling in the Arctic. Donate now.


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