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Dear Supporter,

Day of action collageWhat a great turn out—all in support of Clean Air!

This past week of clean air action has surely shown Congress that we—as concerned citizens—are NOT going to back down when it comes to clean air standards. Hundreds of supporters called their member of Congress, wrote letters to the editors of their local newspapers, sent their representatives Facebook and Twitter messages, and even showed up at their district offices to talk about protecting our rights to clean air.

While EDF’s National Week of Action for Clean Air might be over, we still need your ongoing support to win this fight. Even if you weren’t able to get out this week, there are plenty of things you can do.

  1. Check out the slideshow of all the clean air activists doing their part

  2. Send us your pictures of you taking action, holding a clean air sign, or just enjoying the outdoors on a clear sunny day.

  3. Tell us your story. Do you have asthma or some other respiratory illness? Do you live in a community with bad air quality? Do you worry about the air you breathe? Tell us about it.

  4. Donate today to help EDF fight back.
You realize air is a shared commodity, and shouldn’t be owned by big, dirty corporations. With your help, we can keep the pressure on and save our right to breathe clean, healthy air!

Thank you for your incredible support.

Sam160x200_jpgThank you for your incredible support,


Sam Parry

Director, Online Membership and Activism

Environmental Defense Action Fund

1875 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 600

Washington, DC 20009


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