A chap backed into my car and caused about $1,000 damage, and drove off!


As luck would have it, my SIL was in the car at the time.  He took down the rego number and a description of the car; and reported it to the Police.

The Police would not charge the other driver.  They didn't have enough evidence!

Can you believe that?

My insurer, NRMA, advertises that if you nominate the at fault driver you are covered.  Don’t believe it. Because the Police would not charge the other driver the NRMA advised me that there is nothing they could do.

So I got the car repaired at my own cost and I put a complaint into the Police Minister. He sat on my complaint for two months or so; and then referred it back to my Local Area Command.

I got a call from a very nice sergeant who advised me that the other driver should have been charged. In addition to my SIL’s statement, they also had CCTV footage showing the incident.  But because the video did not show the licence plate number, the constable in charge of the original investigation did not proceed with the charges.  But the sergeant reckons he should have been charged.

Bewdy, action at last!

The sergeant informed me that because of the statute of limitations (six months) he could not charge the other fellow.  But he did try to lean on him, but to no avail.  He did give me a lot of Police evidence, including the CCTV video, as I told him I intended to take the other driver to the civil court.

I do advocacy work for war veterans and war widows, so I do have the gift of the gab, so why not give it a shot myself and take this guy to court? I wanna see him squirm.  So I did.

I studied up the process and had the Sherriff serve the papers on the other owner.

He coughed up the dough in three days.


I was actually disappointed, I wanted my day in court with this lying thieving prick who stone walled the Police by saying it wasn’t him.

The moral of the story?

Don’t dilly dally.  If you have been wronged by another guy, take him to court.
If a similar incident happens in the future I will prepare the court papers straight away. Getting  the Sheriff to serve the court papers really puts the wind up them, and rightly so.

I got my money back only because I believed that what he did was wrong and that he should pay for the damage he caused; and I was prepared to make the case to force him to pay.

I won!


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