Lost in the post

A sincerely committed IP enthusiast and practitioner has emailed the following missive to the Kats:
"I was wondering if any other IPKat readers ever wondered why we can't file an application to register a design online with the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO)? It seems strange, particularly since it has provided a service to file trade marks online. I understand that the IPO has separate departments, and there may perhaps be issues with uploading large files to its website. However, recently a posted application was lost in the mail, which was of particular concern because the applicant requested deferred publication. When we realised what happened, we were able to file a copy of the application by forwarding a PDF of it via email. But why couldn't we just file the application online, or simply file the application via email in the first place? It seems very old-fashioned that we have to apply to register a design via post, particularly one where there is no difficulty representing the design on paper".
Lost in the post here, here and here
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Where do missing letters go?

Caught in the act of eating yet another design
application, Merpel promises to stick to something
more digestible next time ...


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