Men are Idiots, I know, I are one....

I've just spent three days doing Men's Heath Peer Education.  This is where I get a certificate that empowers me not only to put shit on other veterans, but also to tell them to smarten up and look after their health.

The Men's Health Peer Education (MHPE) program was funded as part of the supplementary package of support provided by the Australian Government in response to the validated findings of the Vietnam Veterans' Health Study.
Vietnam Veterans experienced a higher incidence of certain conditions, including coronary heart disease, prostate cancer, high alcohol consumption and related conditions and diabetes.
The MHPE program trains volunteers to provide health information to their veteran peers to assist them in making informed lifestyle choices around their health.  The program is open to all veterans or partners of veterans.

We had some incredible guest speakers thanks to the hard work by Eva and the team at  VAN DVA

Dr John Fardy is the straightest shooting GP you'll ever see.  I learnt a lot from him as he tells it like it is.  That's what men want, no beating about the bush.  His simple message was to concentrate on five things:
     Don't smoke
     Limit alcohol consumption
     Eat sensibly
     Get some exercise
     Get enough rest.

See?  That message is so simple that even I, your humble dumb grunt, can remember it.

Some sobering statistics from Andrew Mark from the Heart Foundation.  It's enough to frighten a grown man into making some vital changes in the way us blokes live our lives.

More of the same message from Keith James who spoke to us at length on prostate cancer.  Keith lives with prostate cancer now as he has done for 11 years. He manages his cancer by a strict diet regime.

Men - get the PSA blood tests done and get a DRE.  NOW!!!


Without these tests, you won't know you have prostate cancer which kills just as many men as breast cancer kills women.

It is treatable if detected early enough.  Once it spreads to other parts of your body then it is all over red rover.

See your GP - ASAP!

On out last day the guest speaker was Fay Jackson .  I can't remember all the things she said as I was laughing so much, although I did hear her describe herself as 'a nutter'.  She was in good company.

I do recall her stressing that caffeine is dangerous stuff and to cut it from our diet. Maybe I should add that to the list.

So I came away enlightened, empowered and passionate.  I have already began work.  Two of my colleagues in our volunteer group that help war veterans and war widows have been warned out to quit smoking by the end of September.

Lookout you old farts - I'm on a mission!


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