Vietnam – from teacher to Nasho and back.


Someone once remarked that they were the real stolen generation: serving two years in the Army and a possible tour of Vietnam with all expenses paid, including uniform guns and ammo; what were they whinging about?

Well, in a word - choice.  Nashos had none. They were temporary cannon fodder for Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War and to their credit they served with distinction.

The greatest need was for infantry soldiers, so that's where most ended up.  The Army didn't seem to care what the Nashos did in civie street, they were in the Army now and the Army knew best as to how this resource would be used.

Most Nasho's talents were wasted.

Still, it is amazing that Nashos look back on  their service with pride. I know I certainly do.  I have lifelong bonds of friendship that few people experience; a bond built on facing the realities of war together.

There is a new book out detailing one chap's experiences as a Nasho serving in the Vietnam War as a grunt.  He has been a teacher all his life so it will be well written, and I am looking forward to seeing what he looks like.  I'm guessin' he's ugly, as our maker has a way of balancing things out.  You can't be intelligent AND good lookin'.  There are very few of us around like that.

This is the book.....

You can purchase the book here for $25.


This picture just came in off the wire......

Lemme see now......

Hat on knee, not on head.

No cam cream.

No weapon.

No webbing.

Clean shaven and clean greens - must be a signaller!!!!


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