Vietnam Veterans Day

Tomorrow is Vietnam Veterans Day.

I posted a few pictures from my Vietnam days on my blog during the last week, it must have been because in the back of my mind we were approaching Vietnam Veterans Day when one tends to reflects on things.

It was 40 years ago that I served with 2 Pl A Coy 2 RAR.  We also had two companies of New Zealanders with us, so we were the ANZAC Bn.  Note that in this context 'Anzac' is displayed with all capitals.

A platoon is normally about 30 men, but we operated with about 23 blokes when in the field. We were on operations in the jungles of  Phuoc Tuy Province for 318 days during the one year and three weeks we were in country.  Not a bad effort, but it did come at a cost:  two members of the platoon were killed; and two were wounded.

Peter (Killer) Kowalski (KIA), me, Ian Crisp (WIA) and Digger Dwyer - Townsville 1969

Keller was a machine gunner and I was his number two.  This picture was taken on the range just outside the base at Nui Dat.

We did get some days off for R&C in Vung Tau.  That's Killer on the right.

Rest in Peace mate


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