62......and I'm still vertical!

Yesterday was my birthday and I was overwhelmed with the number of birthday wishes on Facebook.

Paula and I decided to head to Sydney and ride the ferry to Manly.

Wollongong is seen as a dirty industrial city to many people who have probably never visited the place.  But what a great location we have here.  We live in a modest weatherboard cottage.  About 300 metres away (to the west) is Lake Illawarra where we have a great walk all along the lake.  It is usually deserted.

Just 20 minutes walk in the other direction (east) is Windang Beach.  It is also usually deserted.

I regularly post pictures from these walks with the dogs.  We are very fortunate to live in this area, the suburb is called Primbee if you would like to Google it.  We live opposite Port Kembla Golf Course.

It costs $2.50 to go to Manly and back by train and ferry (pensioner rate).  The train ride takes about 1 hour 45 minutes along some spectacular coastal views.

We had morning tea at QVB and I finally worked out how the damn clock works.

We strolled down to the Quay for the ferry ride to Manly.  It was beautiful on the harbour.  Is there a better place anywhere?

There were a few people about in Manly.  We didn't linger too long at the beach itself as we have plenty of better beaches right here in the Illawarra, Port Kembla Beach is probably the best; and it is a couple of kilometres along Windang Beach.

We had a nice lunch here.  That's Paula in the hat.

On the ferry trip back I managed to get a picture a of a BOAT for my navy mates, as well as the obligatory picture of the bridge.

 What a very pleasant way to spend one's 62 years on this fabulous planet.  I wouldn't want to live on any other planet.

PS.  I see there is no name on the boat.  I wonder how those dumb ugly Navy guys know which one to use?


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