How great was this?

Great songs, great cast, great live music - the actors/singers also play the instruments!

And, there were some very innovative ways to present the songs.  Take for example the third picture.  It shows the cast performing as if the audience is backstage.  The music even changed to the drums as the dominate sound as it was closest.

In another scene we were side on to the group performing at a TV studio and up on the big scene we could see what the camera was catching in black and white of course.


Pity there is not a CD available featuring the Australian cast

And you know what I really loved about it?  No microphones shoved up their nostrils!!!  Look at the last pic.  No microphones!  Oh, they are there alright, you just can't see them.  It took me a long while to suss it out.  They were hidden in their hair!


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