From the Inbox - Arctic drilling threatens seals

Keep oil out of Arctic waters.

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Arctic Oil Drilling is Deadly for Seals

Oil companies are clamoring to start drilling in Arctic seas, threatening seals' homes and their lives. Spilled oil on seals' fur would remove their power of insulation and they could freeze to death. Inhaled oil and toxic fumes could keep seals from breathing properly, leading to painful and slow deaths.


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bycatchVictory! Oregon Passes Shark Fin Ban

Earlier this month, Oregon's governor signed a bill banning all trade, sale, and possession of shark fins in the state. With one less state serving shark fin soup, at-risk sharks now have a better chance at survival.

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chile reefOceana Explores Chilean Island

This year crew from our office in Chile sailed to Alexander Selkirk, an island with incredible biodiversity and little protection. The video of our expedition shows that this little-known island is an ocean paradise that needs protected.

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RangerMediterranean Expedition

This summer, Oceana took the Ranger on an expedition to explore seamounts and sea canyons in the Mediterranean and Atlantic. We discovered a deep-sea coral reef, identified carnivorous sponges, and conducted invaluable research in previously unexplored environments.

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seafoodTake Our Seafood Fraud Quiz on Facebook!

In honor of our new seafood fraud campaign, we've created a Facebook application to test your seafood smarts. How much do you know about seafood fraud?

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