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National Parks Conservation Association

ProtectDear Supporter,

We need your help to fight back against mining companies that want to dig, blast, and drill their way through lands surrounding the Grand Canyon and more of our national parks.

You see, the mining industry and its allies in Congress want to toss out existing protections and allow new uranium mining claims on 1 million acres of public lands surrounding Grand Canyon National Park.

If they succeed, it could pollute the Grand Canyon with radioactive uranium, contaminating the Colorado River and the water it provides to 25 million people downstream.

The mining industry’s push to open the lands around the Grand Canyon is part of a larger attack on our parks that needs to be stopped now.

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve in Alaska is also threatened by a proposed copper and silver mine that could penetrate park boundaries and damage the headwaters of Bristol Bay, one of the last wild sockeye salmon fisheries on earth.

Coal mining companies already use high explosives to remove mountain tops in the southern Appalachians, endangering places like Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in Tennessee by sending massive amounts of sediment into nearby watersheds.

At NPCA we know first-hand the destruction that mining can cause, and there’s simply no place for it near our national parks.

As the foremost advocate for our parks, it’s NPCA’s responsibility to protect these remarkable places. And our track record shows that, with supporters like you behind us, we can demonstrate to Congress that Americans want our national parks protected.

If we want to beat back this latest threat to the Grand Canyon and stand up to mining interests that believe our public lands are theirs for the taking, we have to work together.

Your support will help us educate Congress and other key policymakers, mobilize our grassroots network to put pressure on Congress and the White House, and challenge mining supporters who say there’s no environmental risk to taking radioactive minerals out of the ground near the Grand Canyon.

So please act now by making a special tax-deductible donation to NPCA today. Thank you for standing with NPCA and for everything you do to help protect our parks.


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Thomas C. Kiernan

P.S. You and I know there’s no place for mining near our national parks. That’s why we need to have the foresight to protect our parks from mineral, oil, and coal companies that want to spoil our rare and special landscapes. Thank you so much for your support!

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