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Please take action to stop the TRAIN Act train wreck!

If you ever wanted to know what's wrong in Washington, look no further than the latest pro-polluter monstrosity moving in the U.S. House – the "TRAIN Act."

Instead of putting people back to work, this slick and underhanded legislation will make people sick and cost lives by blocking important clean air standards that have been under development for decades.

Please Take Action Today: Tell your members of Congress they should reject the dangerous TRAIN Act and let EPA do its job.

How Much Longer Do We Have to Wait for Cleaner Air?

It has been more than 20 years since the overwhelmingly bipartisan passage of the 1990 Clean Air Act, which specifically instructed the EPA to limit mercury, acid gases, and other hazardous pollution from America's coal-fired power plants.

After the federal courts threw out a weak, Bush-era power plant rule for mercury, the Obama administration released its proposed Mercury and Air Toxics rule in March of this year.

After nearly five months of receiving input and comments from the public about this rule – which broke overwhelmingly in favor of setting the strongest possible standard, including more than 85,000 comments from EDF activists – EPA is set to finalize the rule this fall.

But, even before EPA finishes its work, the polluter lobby has launched a full-scale offensive to stop this rule in its tracks.

Take Action Today: Tell Congress to let EPA do its job.

The polluter cynicism here is almost too much to believe:

  • They claim they need more time to prepare for this rule even though they have had more than 20 years.
  • They claim they can't meet the pollution standards even though the technology is widely available and 17 states already require their coal plants to limit mercury emissions.
  • They claim this rule will hurt the economy even though economic analysis finds that for every $1 spent to clean up toxic air pollution the public receives up to $13 in public health and other benefits.

Every year we delay implementing the Mercury and Air Toxics rule will cause up to 17,000 premature deaths from the hundreds of thousands of tons of hazardous air emissions emitted by coal-fired power plants every year.

We need your help to stop the TRAIN Act in its tracks.

Please take action today.

Sam160x200_jpgThanks for your activism and support,
Sam Parry
Director, Online Membership and Activism


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