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Lemurs – the oldest living primates in the world – are under attack.

Madagascar is their only natural habitat, and logging and slash-and-burn agriculture are rapidly destroying the forests they rely on. 90% of the forests in Madagascar are gone.

Without a place to call home, lemurs will disappear from the island – and our world. Already, at least 15 lemur species are extinct.

You can help protect the lemurs of Madagascar and defend biodiversity around the world with your gift to CI today.

Madagascar is home to a rich tapestry of species, including the most diverse chameleon population in the world. But as forests are cut down, only a sliver of Madagascar's forests remains...and if we don't act now, we could lose these animals forever.

Conservation International is rolling out an ambitious plan to preserve our world's biodiversity. In Madagascar, that means:

  • Replanting and restoring more than 7,400 acres of forest, while also providing hundreds of well-paying jobs for the Malagasy people;
  • Introducing sustainable farming and irrigation practices to local farmers, eliminating the need to clear-cut forests every few months;
  • Working to complete the Mantadia Corridor project, which will reconnect forest fragments around the country so lemurs can roam freely; and,
  • Partnering with local leaders to develop ecotourism, protecting lemur habitats and creating a steady revenue stream for communities.

Conservation isn't just about replanting trees. It's about working in concert with nature – not against it. And by engaging people in conservation efforts, we can save the world's natural resources.

That's why we're working in Madagascar to rebuild forests, safeguarding fresh water in Mali, and promoting responsible farming in Mexico and Brazil. Supported by strong science and diverse partners across the globe, we're helping build a planet that considers and values nature at every turn. But we can't do it alone, friend.

Your gift can make this possible. Please, help us reach our $15,000 goal with your contribution today.

Thank you for your generosity.


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Russell A. Mittermeier
President, Conservation International

Photos: © CI/Photo by Sterling Zumbrunn;
© CI/Photo by Russell Mittermeier


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