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The Climate Reality Project

Dear Supporter,

Last week, we cut through the smoke and fog of denial and took a fresh breath of air with 24 Hours of Reality. So what now?

If you missed the presentations or want to share them with your friends, check out our video library. You can find highlights and full-length footage from all 24 hours.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and hit the streets? Good. Grab your neighbors and your friends and join on September 24. is leading a global day of action called Moving Planet. Here's a video that shows what it's all about:

The concept behind Moving Planet is simple: Together, we can move beyond fossil fuels. You can join events large and small where we'll be moving on bicycles, unicycles, kayaks and on foot to show our commitment to solving the climate crisis.

Find an event near you:

It's time to get moving.


Maggie L. Fox
President and CEO
The Climate Reality Project


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