From the Inbox - Obama vs. Clean Air: We're Fighting Back in Court

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Protect Our Air, Donate Now!It's completely unacceptable! Just last week, President Obama delayed establishing critical new national ozone standards until at least 2013. The President's reckless move undermines years of work by Earthjustice and our clients to clean up deadly smog in our air.

Our air quality, thousands of lives and tens of thousands of cases of asthma are at stake. And we are fighting back in court. We won't take "not now" for an answer.

Please make an emergency gift today to help us fight back.

Earthjustice is not standing by while our air and lives are destroyed to satisfy corporate polluters. Our legal experts are working tirelessly in the courts to stop this delay, but we need your help to support these emergency efforts. Donate now to help us fight back.

In 2008, deficient national standards for ozone, or smog, which the Environmental Protection Agency's own scientists said weren't adequate to protect public health, were adopted by the Bush administration. Earthjustice stepped in and sued, but before the court ruled on our challenge, the incoming Obama administration promised to revisit the standards and our litigation was put on hold.

When the revised standard still wasn't issued by the administration two years later, we went back to court last month and asked for an order compelling the EPA to issue new, lawful standards immediately.

Now that the White House has squashed the move to stronger standards, we're going to redouble our efforts to get relief from the courts.

The President's decision last week to delay critical new ozone standards demonstrates why court action is absolutely critical to make meaningful progress for the environment. And with your emergency support we will continue to fight for strong air and environmental protections in court.

Please make an emergency donation today to support our critical efforts.

With your support, we won't take "not now" for an answer.


Trip Van Noppen Trip Van Noppen

Trip Van Noppen
President, Earthjustice

P.S. President Obama is putting our lives on the line to satisfy corporate polluters. Donate now to help us fight back in court and on Capitol Hill before more lives are lost to deadly smog.

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