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September 15, 2011

Tell your representative to reject Rep. Cantor's reckless attacks on clean air

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House Republican leaders have declared war on our right to breathe clean, healthy air, scheduling votes throughout the fall on proposals that would make it impossible to reduce harmful pollution. While the House Republicans call this a "jobs agenda," it is actually a Tea Party-led ideological crusade to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from doing its job of protecting us, our families and our communities. These proposals wouldn’t help the economy, but they would hurt our health.

All told, these attacks on our air would lead to nearly 35,000 premature deaths, 17,800 heart attacks, more than 180,000 asthma attacks and three million more days when Americans will miss work or school due to the health hazards of air pollution. And this terrible health toll is the consequence of just a single year under the irresponsible House Republican plan.

This misguided effort is spearheaded by Majority Leader Cantor (R-VA), the same person who was willing to let the government default rather than compromise on the budget. Up first in Rep. Cantor’s plan is the TRAIN Act, a bill designed to block the EPA’s proposed standards to control mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants and to limit power plant pollution that crosses state lines. This single legislative assault would result in tens of thousands of premature deaths every year that these two clean air standards otherwise would prevent.

What to do? Send a message urging your representative to vote No on the TRAIN Act (H.R. 2401) and other reckless attacks on our clean air safeguards.

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