Dream Cars (of the cheaper kind)

Imagine that you may come into some money sometime soon.  You know, that one of those emails promising you lotsa money does in fact come true!

So you must be ready to splurge it on something.

An Italian supercar perhaps?  Nah, some bastard will key it.

A big Australian V8 (of a certain brand of course)? Nah.  Well I may be a boofhead, as Kae refers to me, but I'm not that much of a boofhead to have an over the top V8 monster.

I'd like a nice black second hand Audi.  Something like this...

But wait a minute, one has to be continually on the lookout for a newcomer on the block..... enter the following....

VW Sirocco, nice!


1735099, who will remain nameless, reckons these are the ducks guts...


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