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Join Ocean Conservancy in urging the Senate to support the RESTORE Act — a bill that will direct BP's fines to fund long-term restoration in the Gulf of Mexico.
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Dear friend of the ocean,

It's been over a year since oil finally stopped spewing from BP's well in the Gulf of Mexico. But even a year removed, we know that work to restore the Gulf is just beginning. I also know that it's crucial that BP is held accountable and that their billions of dollars in fines are used to support long-term ecosystem restoration in the Gulf.

That's why I hope you'll join me in urging the Senate to support the RESTORE Act.

The RESTORE Act will help direct funding toward the places where it's needed most. The majority will be directed toward the Gulf states where entire fisheries and local ways of life were uprooted by BP's oil disaster. And BP's fines will be used to develop a comprehensive ecosystem restoration plan. It's exactly what we've been calling for all along, because it's vital to the long-term health of the Gulf. The Senate really needs to hear that there is widespread support for this bill. Please tell your senator that you support this bill today.

Our team in the Gulf worked with members of Congress to help shape this legislation. We underscored the need for long-term research and monitoring, which will enable us to know when vital habitats and valuable species are on the road to recovery, not just when they are threatened. Our experts have firsthand experience and have seen this approach work in Alaska. Following the Exxon Valdez oil disaster, an early decision was made to heavily invest in science to guide long-term management. Wildlife greatly benefited from that decision. The Gulf and all of America's coastal waters will benefit greatly as well, if this vital piece of legislation is passed.

We also succeeded in pushing for the establishment of a National Endowment for the Ocean, which uses a portion of the interest from BP's fines to fund work to protect ocean health, and ultimately economic health. While the vast majority of the fines the responsible parties must pay will be rightly directed to the Gulf Coast region, this program will promote the environmental and economic prosperity of all of America's coastal waters and Great Lakes, making it even clearer that this bill helps the entire country, as well as the ocean.

I hope you'll show your support today.

Thanks for all you've done and continue to do to care for our ocean.

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Vikki N. Spruill
President and CEO, Ocean Conservancy


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